about brooke

Welcome to my world. I am so glad you stopped by! Pull up a chair and let me tell you a little about me and my journey in life and art.

Work with Brooke

As a creative, loud, emotional kid with a short attention span, my parents knew it was in everyone's best interest to allow my creativity to flow. Even if it meant giving me free range of my bedroom walls. I'm convinced that because of them allowing me to be me, I was able to become exactly what I've always wanted to be when I grew up... an artist. A self-taught artist at that.

Once I was in my high school years, validations like being voted most talented among over 500 classmates and being asked to help with things like designing t-shirts and school posters….. I was sure I'd find a way to make a living getting messy.

Starting out I took all kinds of work that came my way, from painting windows for businesses, murals, signage, etc. while trying to figure out my real niche in the art world. As a young 23 yr old mother, I was introduced to the idea of taking on decorative painting/faux finishing after my aunt saw what I did to my own first little 1950s home.

With faux finishing being the decor of choice in the 2000s, it took off... by the blessings of word-of-mouth advertising l ended up booked for months at a time. I truly enjoyed the experience as I was able to visit some of the most beautiful homes in the Lafayette area and meet some fabulous clients. And of course the connections l've made with some of the areas most talented designers, whom I still have the privilege of working with today..

That went on strong until around 2013 when it was time to get off the ladders and have my second child.

I knew it was time for something a little different and I was constantly dabbling in new techniques. I can recall experimenting, as I was painting in my garage 7 months pregnant, with some abstract aspects on canvas and something just felt right. This change came at the right time considering I had just become Mrs.Hoogendoorn in 2011. Time for new business cards anyway.. might as well have a new look too.

I had the privilege of displaying a couple of my new pieces at the beautiful EntreNous Interiors. And that was it... my gears were shifted completely and I was ready to call myself an abstract artist as well.

  • My parents let me be an artist as a young child. I will forever be grateful to them for that. They knew it was what I needed to be me.

  • My Best Friend

    My 21 year old daughter is my best friend, always has been.

    Early 2023 we decided "part time assistant" would be the perfect title to add to her name. It gives us one more reason to spend time together. Our sense of humor undeniably match up perfectly to make a work day even better.

  • My husbands patience for me is astounding. I will never question what he thinks of me. He makes sure I always know. His commitment to me and my love for my work helps me live my dream. 

  • My son is the happiest, easy going kid I know .. he will find the positive in everything. Seriously. 

Little Bits of Me

•You won’t find me in the kitchen unless it’s to make it look beautiful. But my husband makes a better gumbo than some and he’s from Texas. 

•My memory is absolutely horrible. Especially on the spot… my mind fights to find words/names all the time. Don’t worry though, I’ll remember in 6 hours when it’s irrelevant. 

•I’m so real… like to a fault. My face will say it all. But never in a mean way.. unless you’re tailgating me. 

i love....

  • My emotions, all of them, are extreme. I cry… a lot, for everything.
  • I love Jesus, I make it a point to thank him everyday for giving me this passion that keeps me going and for blessing me with my absolutely, perfect little family. -tears while typing this. See above …
  • I love Pilates and yoga… stretching and holding poses can be harder then it looks. But I'm double jointed and pretty flexible so that helps… until it doesn’t cause now all of my joints hurt 
  • I love a good burger and fries ..my favorite food 
  • My favorite movie is Ferris Buellers Day Off….that song at the end; Love it!  

i don't or didn't.....

  • I didn’t get into elevators until my daughter was born and only because she was a floor up from me with jaundice. 
  • I don't drink much but when I do it’s Malibu and water with a splash of pineapple.. I sometimes get laughed at.. especially when I go back for more ice cause it melted before I could finish the drink.
  • I won't read a book...Just doesn’t  make sense to my mind whatsoever ever . My mind goes into panic mode if I see too many words in one place.


  • Automated phone calls give me literal heart palpitations. Just give me a human!
  • My foot is always fidgety… if not my foot then it’s my leg, if not that then I’m twirling my hair, cracking my knuckles …something.
  • Anything with a beat makes me happy, I love my music loud in my car and if there’s good bass, that’s a bonus 
  • Rachel Kroll- Dress the Room

    "Working with Brooke is a breeze. She is always willing to go above and beyond for the customer"

  • Claire Elizabeth /Claire Elizabeth Gallery

    "It has been an honor to share Brooke's talent and place her work in homes and corporate spaces throughout Louisiana and beyond.

  • Denise Kartsimas - dk Designs

    Her pieces of art are the cherry on top when I’m done with the room or space or a project.